Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient dwellings are the future homes. Anyone gearing towards a greener home must take into consideration the following features which combine to create an energy efficient home.

The main features of energy efficient homes are:

  • Increased insulation to all areas including walls, roofs, floors, etc. External insulation to existing or old buildings should be considered; Insulated raft foundation instead of traditional strip foundations.
  • Air tightness. Airtightness is the key. We have achieved 1.25ACH or below in many renovation projects. It does add time and cost onto a project, however the payback will be achieved much sooner the lower the ACH.
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems.
  • Solar panels, PV panels.
  • Rainwater harvesting tank.
  • Insulated raft foundations. Entire house wrapped in insulation externally including the roof.
  • Incorporating measures that decrease the energy use in the house, including passive (best use of solar gains) and active (efficient heating and ventilation).
  • Incorporating appropriate renewable energy sources and the sustainable building materials and technologies.